Wednesday, 24 August 2016


WHAT: We have been learning about the measurement.

SO WHAT: For this task I  had to calculate the perimeter of simple shapes. For this activity I got given a sheet where I had to find the perimeter of  12 shapes to do this I firstly had to find the other numbers for the other two sides of the shapes then I had to add all of the sides together. For example say I had a square pretend that two sides were showing the number one the top it was 2 and on the side it was 4 first i have to put the same numbers on the opposing sides to the same number (if it is a square or rectangle) the add all of the numbers together.

NOW WHAT: I am in the group toru but recently we have started a new topic on fractions ratios and proportions and for that I am in room 11 with Mrs Pattern.for measurement I would like to get better at solving the volume of shapes quicker  and for FRP I would like to improve on converting ratios to fractions .

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Olympics

What: We have been learning about the Olympics.

So What: I now know where and how the Olympics started and that America is really good at the Olympics and got a lot of medals, I have enjoyed watching the Olympics and watching New Zealand win 4 golds, I found the fencing interesting and I thought that it was weird that the swimming pool turned green and I liked watching the gymnastics.

Now What: A sport that i would like to compete in if I was in the Olympics would be Gymnastic All Round, Swimming, Tennis or Golf because i really enjoy gymnastics and i did it when i was younger, I like doing swimming, I enjoy tennis and I am good at golf.