Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cinquain Poems

What: Today we had to write a Cinquain poem.

So What: This is one of mine                Spiders
                                                           Furry, Freaks
                                                    Creepy, Crawly, Critters
                                             Hiding in corners then jumping out!

                                                          Mythical, Magic
                                                  Friendly, Fluffy, Amazing
                                                   Makes life worth living
                                                             Horned horse
Now What: Now I want to do a more descriptive poem.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


What: For most of the year every class has been working on SSW (sustained, silent, writing) my most recent writing that I have been working on is called Eyes Of Stone.

So What: Here is the blurb for my story,   A boy has been cursed and turned into a cliff every century there is a storm that curses 3 others, 3 scientists are trying to find the cure, can they do it?

Now What: Now I would like to complete the story.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


WHAT: Today the year sixes got the opportunity to go to Lincoln school and got to get a taster of what the year sevens and eights get to do every Tuesday for technology.

SO WHAT: I was in the yellow group. But then some people from every group made a new group, the rainbow group, I was in that new group. The first thing the rainbow group did was cooking, in cooking we decorated biscuits. The next thing my group went to was the textile designs there I made a little emoji pillow thing it was more like a toy though. The final thing I went to was wood works, there we made coasters. My favourite thing was everything. The most challenging thing was wood works because using the poker burner was very frustrating because it wouldn't work and I tried 4 machines but they worked when others including the teacher it did work.
These are 2 of the three things that I made.

NOW WHAT: I am looking forward to 3D design for next year.

Soccer Rules

These are some of the rules for soccer/football:
1.You can't touch the ball with your hands, unless you are the goaly.
2. If you kick the ball out of the boundaries the other team gets it.
3. The goaly can't go outside of the goaly box otherwise knows as the penalty box.
4. No tackling other players.
5. Respect the referee's opinion.
6. Give people a chance with the ball.
7. To get a ball you must kick the ball into the goal/net that the other team's goaly is guarding.
8. If you are setting up two teams try and make them fair according to everyone's ability.

Friday, 21 October 2016


WHAT: I participated in the Kauri athletics in the 10 year old girls group.

So What: The sports that I got done were discus, high jump, sprints and then shot-put. It was very fun and exciting, I improved the most in high jump with a personal best of 95 cm but we had't finished doing it and i could get a meter, every year in the past I have done the short sprint but this year I did long sprint and I am very proud of myself, and I think that I did ok in discus and I am proud of myself in shot-put because the shot-put balls were very heavy.

Now What: Next week I want to get first in long jump again, and next year I want to do better in shot-put.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Swimming Lessons

WHAT: The week before the school holidays began we finished swimming. Here is my certificate
So What: I was in lane 4 and this is what I achieved in level 4
Now What: I think I need to improve on feet first sculling for a whole length.

Friday, 9 September 2016


What: I have been involved in swimming over the last two weeks.

So What: I have been doing lots of lengths it was very fun. Yesterday (7.9.16) Louise was away and the reliever was busy so I got to go into lane 4 it was awesome and the hardest part that I did in lane 4  was the side breast stroke it is like regular breast stroke but on your side, I enjoyed doing stream line on my back, I found the feet first sculling challenging because my arms got really tiered.

Now What: Now I would like to improve on my side breast stroke because it was really hard and I stopped quite a few times, by keeping my head above the water.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


WHAT: We have been learning about the measurement.

SO WHAT: For this task I  had to calculate the perimeter of simple shapes. For this activity I got given a sheet where I had to find the perimeter of  12 shapes to do this I firstly had to find the other numbers for the other two sides of the shapes then I had to add all of the sides together. For example say I had a square pretend that two sides were showing the number one the top it was 2 and on the side it was 4 first i have to put the same numbers on the opposing sides to the same number (if it is a square or rectangle) the add all of the numbers together.

NOW WHAT: I am in the group toru but recently we have started a new topic on fractions ratios and proportions and for that I am in room 11 with Mrs Pattern.for measurement I would like to get better at solving the volume of shapes quicker  and for FRP I would like to improve on converting ratios to fractions .

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Olympics

What: We have been learning about the Olympics.

So What: I now know where and how the Olympics started and that America is really good at the Olympics and got a lot of medals, I have enjoyed watching the Olympics and watching New Zealand win 4 golds, I found the fencing interesting and I thought that it was weird that the swimming pool turned green and I liked watching the gymnastics.

Now What: A sport that i would like to compete in if I was in the Olympics would be Gymnastic All Round, Swimming, Tennis or Golf because i really enjoy gymnastics and i did it when i was younger, I like doing swimming, I enjoy tennis and I am good at golf.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My PMI chart for term 2


  • I've enjoyed learning about New Zealand habitats and the animals that live in them.
  • At school Winter Sport has been fun, I especially enjoyed the netball.
  • I have been challenged in preparing for the literacy quiz. 
  • I have enjoyed doing Dance, Kapa Haka and Chior.
  • I would of liked to get into a winter sport team.
  • Learning Chinese has been fun.
  • Having buddy reading has helped me bond with younger students.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Weekly Winter Sport.

WHAT: I have been involved in weekly at school winter sport.
SO WHAT: At school winter sport has been going well for me because I have enjoyed most of the sport I have been doing at school. My favourite sport that we have done at school so far was netball because I really enjoy playing netball and I got player of the day and earned 30 house points for kowhai. I think I have improved on my hockey skills.
NOW WHAT: I like doing netball the most and hope I get into a team next year. I think I need to improve on my long distance passes accurately in soccer/football.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Extra Learning Opportunities For Me

What: I have been involved in extra learning opportunities in 2016.
So What: I  have been involved in    Choir, Kapahaka, Dance, Student Council, Wet Day Monitors, Literacy Quiz, Lunch Orders, At School Sport, Gymnastics and Run Bike Run. Every Wednesday at 12:15 I have student council in the hall foyer. Every Tuesday I have dance in the hall at lunch. Every Thursday I have choir at 12:50 - 1:30, the songs I am doing at the moment are  Stray Cat Strut and Seven Years. And every Friday I have at school winter sport, lunch orders and kapahaka. Some of my highlights have been gymnastics, student council, choir, dance, wet day monitors, literacy quiz and kapahaka.

  1. Now What: Next year I would like to be in a winter sport team and to be a PAL.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

ANZAC learning

WHAT: We have been learning about ANZAC day and WAR.

So What: I have learnt about why people went to war. I found out that when the man and women went to war the stopped at more then just one country before landing on Gallipoli. We all learnt how close the trenches were, some of the enemy trenches were just 3 meters away!

What Now: Now I want to learn about why excactly they wanted a war in the first place.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Run Bike Run

What: I completed the run bike run 2 or 3 weeks ago.

So What: I was an individual and completed my race in 5th place. I am very pleased with my place. On the first run I was doing well but by the time I was on my bike my legs were very tired and sore, when I started my 2nd and final run I was tired and I had stitch. My legs and chest were aching I tried to sprint when I had almost finished, it was hard because I was so tired but I finished and I am proud.

What Now: My goal for next years run bike run is to beat my best place 3rd or at least to come 3rd.

Monday, 15 February 2016

2016 Next Learning Steps


Solve problems involving decimals, using addition and subtraction.    Use a range of multiplication methods to solve problems using whole numbers and fractions.


Use paragraphs that link to the main ideas and supporting details, within and between paragraphs. Use a wider variety of precise and technical vocabulary.


Read a wide range of texts with a number of layers of meaning including complicated plots, difficult themes and ideas. Recognise and use features of grammar to support understanding of difficult words.