Tuesday, 25 October 2016


WHAT: Today the year sixes got the opportunity to go to Lincoln school and got to get a taster of what the year sevens and eights get to do every Tuesday for technology.

SO WHAT: I was in the yellow group. But then some people from every group made a new group, the rainbow group, I was in that new group. The first thing the rainbow group did was cooking, in cooking we decorated biscuits. The next thing my group went to was the textile designs there I made a little emoji pillow thing it was more like a toy though. The final thing I went to was wood works, there we made coasters. My favourite thing was everything. The most challenging thing was wood works because using the poker burner was very frustrating because it wouldn't work and I tried 4 machines but they worked when others including the teacher it did work.
These are 2 of the three things that I made.

NOW WHAT: I am looking forward to 3D design for next year.

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